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"I’ve used Tammy Mulligan for about ten years. She is very competent. She stays
on top of the billing, answers issues immediately, and is responsive to each and
every query that I have. My income has increased by 30% since I began using her.
There is no fuss or fanfare; she just does the job quickly and effortlessly.  She
handles special issues, follows up on non-payment, pushes insurance companies,
and gets to the bottom of problems. She really goes out of her way to be of service.

I have been extremely pleased with her services."

Antonio Madrid PhD  
Russian River Counseling

"Unlike the rest of the working world, Tammy has the amazing ability to separate
her personal life from the work at hand. No matter her personal situation, the
quality of her work excels at every junction, with every detail tended to, and every
problem solved. There are no mistakes, there are no questions at the end of the
day. She habitually double checks numbers, perfects reports, and second guesses
herself until every single column matches to a 'T'. Her work ethic is second to none.
It was a great privilege to call this woman a colleague, and now to call her one of my
dearest friends"

Andrea Faria
Media Buyer at Taber Creative Group

"Tammy is a responsible and effective software consultant. I have worked with On
Track Medical Billing Services for years and have had outstanding results with not
only their client satisfaction, but also with training and billing service advice. Tammy
is very hands-on with her clients and sets clear and manageable expectations
towards billing success from the front office to the completed claim and beyond.

I would recommend Tammy and On Track Medical Billing Services to anyone in need
of software, billing, or claims assistance. Tammy is organized, on target, and detail
oriented in order for clients to operate a healthcare office with efficiency and
accurate results"

Nyyki Stenger
District Manager at ADP (Formerly with NDCMedisoft)

" Tammy "goes the extra mile" is a phrase that comes to mind - immediately - when
I think of Tammy. I worked very closely with Tammy at McKesson when I managed
the resellers for her territory. No matter the issue, Tammy came to me with a
resolution first and foremost. She was an absolute joy to work with and the ideal
client you would want on your team. Tammy has my ultimate respect and would
have my heartfelt recommendation for any position whether that be as business
owner, consultant, billing specialist, etc. Hire her to get the job done, and get the
job done right!"

Lauren Denning
Senior Director, Channel Partner Development at HealthFusion Inc.

"Tammy has worked with our systems for years. We highly recommend her and her

Randal Howell
VP Operations at Global Surgeries Inc.

"Working with Tammy has made my practice so much easier.  She is quick, accurate
and responsive to my needs.  As I have been billing-challenged for years, finding
Tammy has been like finding gold.  I would give her five stars and recommend her
to anyone."

Mark Paradis, PhD
Private Practice Santa Rosa

"Tammy is an excellent medical billing trainer. She did training and implementation
work for me during the years I sold Medisoft software. She knows Medisoft well;
she understands the billing and medical records problems and concerns from both
sides. She provides great service to her clients beyond just getting the billing out
the door. I like Tammy; it is fun to work with her."

KW Norris
Technology Consultants