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What's new in Version 23  (release date December 2018)

I am really excited about these new features.  As always eMDs is looking out for the
billing community and physician practices to help improve our quality of work!
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Wow!  some awesome stuff!  Don't you agree?
Here are some sample screen shots
Here is the one I am most excited about!  Reducing Duplicate Patients.
BillFlash Services

The best thing I have done as a billing service and practice manager is turn over the
tedious task on monthly statements to BillFlash.  I still review each account before
sending the statement out.  I can add dunning messages if needed.  I can even
change the color of paper the statement prints on.  I use RED for Final Notice
Statements.  It really is a time saver and money save in the long run.  The practices
isn't paying me to print, fold and mail the statements.

I have a link to a demo.  Check it out.  I highly recommend the service and if you want
to try for one month it's FREE!   What do you have to lose?  This is a simple set up
process and your ready to go.  Check the demo, call me and I would be happy to give
you a live demo too!
CPT® Reporting Methods & Background

There are new methods for reporting AMA CPT® content purchases.  The AMA is
moving to a model for provider practices which makes it easier to report users:
Medical Practices: Instead of adding a burden to count every user which has created
confusion about the definition in the past, there is now a proxy model based upon the
number of Billing Providers (see decision tree below for definition).  Both proxies seem
fairly reasonable and may benefit many practices.

For a practice management (PM) only practice, for each provider, 1 user is the result.
For EMR only, or EMR/PM integrated practices, the proxy assumes 4 users per

Billing Services: Most billing services will report using the PM only Proxy model as
above since their customers are generally typical medical practices.  However, if the
customer of the billing service is a different setting such as an ambulance service,
diagnostic lab, etc. Then you must purchase and report based upon the Counting
Users model. Much like in the past you will simply count the number of users accessing
the system.  This is all users regardless of who they are and how often they access
the system.

Adding CPT codes to your Medisoft software without purchasing this service through
AMA can results in violations of the licensing for CPT trademark.   

As eMDs releases content updates (CPT is typically quarterly) within a year, customers
that have purchased for that year will receive updates automatically.

If a customer skips a year, because of the way content is licensed the customer will be
required to pay for skipped year content too.